Game 32: Maholm shuts Braves down, Cubs win 1-0

Tim Hudson was absolutely brilliant today, giving up just 5 hits and one run (good for a .175 WPA added, best of all Braves players) but it wasn’t enough as the Braves’ offense managed just four hits in the Windy City series finale. Chipper Jones had three hits taken away by shifts employed by the Cubs shifts today, so he’ll be glad for more than one reason to get out of his least favorite ballpark┬áin the Major Leagues.

The AP recap via ESPN.

The Capitol Avenue Club postgame discussion.

The Fangraphs game summary.

The SB Nation storystream.

Talking Chop recaps the game.

Dave O’Brien of the AJC calls the Cubs “shifty” because he loves terrible puns more than I do.

Mark Bowman of recaps the game.

This closes out a series loss for the Braves, the first one since the opening series against the Mets, so this song feels appropriate for today.

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