Game 50: The sky is falling

Eight game losing streaks have a way of making people panic. Sometimes in our own Hundred Acre Wood, it seems like the sky is falling. Nine days ago, we were looking at dragon shaped clouds with Christopher Robin and trying to get honey out of a beehive with a bamboo pole. Now, we’ve found a blue eggshell that looks an awful lot like a piece of the sky, our Braves are in last place and we’re about two more home runs away from moving to Gopher’s tunnels.

Granted, an eight-game losing streak is never good, and last September gives Atlanta fans a fairly good reason to freak out. There are a number of Eeyores in our midst who are more than happy to say “I’m only surprised this didn’t happen yesterday.”

I often get accused of being far too optimistic with Atlanta sports teams, and a lot of times I feel like Kevin Bacon in Animal House. But now is not the time to panic.

It’s pretty easy right now to demand that Fran Wren shake up the team, especially after we were assured all winter that it was merely bad luck that resulted in our September collapse. Grant Brisbee of SB Nation has a great piece up right now about why that line of thinking is a bad idea. Brisbee is absolutely right that no major changes need to be made, but Wren will make some moves, beginning with optioning Kris Medlen to AAA, where he will make 2-3 starts before joining the Atlanta rotation. Another change that looks possible is bringing up Andrelton Simmons to play shortstop in place of Rev. Tyler Pastornicky. As Ben Duronio of Capitol Avenue Club writes, both of these moves seems reasonable, and get the DSSR stamp of approval:

Neither of these are panic moves, and shouldn’t be. We don’t need to fix the sky, this losing streak is just a little blue eggshell.

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